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30 June 2012

5th Birthday Party for Baggy Blues!
30 June marked exactly 5 years since the Baggies' first match. So on Sunday 1st July we had a 5th Birthday Party at KAC. Here's Andrew's report...

"The fun match was indeed that despite the attempts of New Zealand to impact the carefully prepared MCC Laws of Cricket, and we used the match well to ensure that Budapest Falcons win at least something from us this year. Special Guest Khaibar of the Falcons won the competition to guess the winning team's score and will proudly drive off one weekend displaying the Baggy Blues' sponsors' banner everywhere he goes . Perhaps it is lucky that the other special guests we had invited from Spartans (ex-Baggies Chris, Mike, Mahesh and my co-coach with the kids, Sidd) couldn't make it, or we'd have gone home without any of the prizes for sure!

The match finished rather later than planned so the Cricket Skills competition has been filed away in the 'test them later' draw but will definitely be brought back to the light of day before the season is over.

The random draw raffle was at least one by a Baggy Blue - which was quite impressive given that we did allow the KAC staff to buy a ticket or two as well. Congratulations to Sanjeev on this win.

Then it came to the football competition and, well, as we all should have known really, there is no point at all trying to outthink an Indian when it comes to strategically assessing a European Football Final.

The 88th minute goal duly went in and Sanjeev had rather astutely predicted an 89th minute final goal. Not bad really. But even then he had to fight for it - Dezso of KAC had picked the 87th minute as the last true sign of Spanish dominance, and proudly approached to claim his prize. It came down to the toss of a coin and, well, that's another thing that you should never challenge the likes of Sanjeev on! So, congratulations to Sanjeev for winning the two weekend car hires from Fox Autorent!

In all honesty, it was a just result. For one thing, he bought the most tickets in each raffle so did the best job in supporting the club, and for another, he has just a couple short months left in Hungary and will really put these vouchers to great use. Perfect. And thanks to Fox Autorent for their support . 7 more vouchers to go everyone!

The evening finished off nicely with the presentation from Ed of a grand bottle of whisky, which was officially tested for quality control purposes there and then.

Thanks again to all of you for your part in a brilliant 5 years for Baggy Blues, and here's to just as much fun in the next 5 years together."

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